Digital paintings from your photos by Michael Storey


Born 1948 Guildford UK. His early years involved much travel with his parents in the armed forces, a habit that became hard to shake off. Eventually the family emigrated to New Zealand. On finishing school Michael became self employed and established NZ’s second largest surfboard business. (The designs sold the boards). He moved to Australia when twenty years old and spent two years working for a newspaper as a photographer in Toowoomba, Queensland, later setting up his own studio. In 1981 he turned full time to sculpture with his own bronze casting facility. His subject matter was Australian wildlife. 1990 saw him expand to the USA opening a second foundry in Arizona, eventually settling in Eugene Oregon. In 1999 Michael moved on again to the UK setting up a third foundry in Shepton Mallet, Somerset. The average staff level of each foundry was eight persons. In total, more than two hundred galleries were carrying Michael's work and in the twenty five year period over 500,000 pieces were produced making this artist, in his own quiet way, the most prolific bronze sculptor in the world at that time. Each piece was individually hand made.
Twenty five years of sustained artistic outflow at an international level has produced an individual with acute artistic sensibilities. These he now uses for photography, film making and still  the odd sculpture.

For the necessities of life, which includes the artistic need to express himself, Michael has turned to a more simplified process of digital painting. He has always maintained a professional level of photography.

Other foundries have now taken over the casting of Michael's work which are still being sold long after his 'retirement' from sculpture.

To see some galleries that still carry the wildlife bronze sculpture try a google search for 'Michael Storey bronze'.

Video: Should this video box appear blank, please go to my You Tube Channel and play the Michael Storey bronze video, thanks.