Digital paintings of dogs from your photos by Michael Storey


Dogs...We All Love Them

Michael has a very good affinity with animals. He is a recognised wildlife artist, a sculptor whose work in bronze has been carried by over 200 galleries internationally over a period of thirty years. See: about Michael

He enjoys working with pets and animals. Comments on his digital artwork often (almost always) remark on how well he captures the life and character of the subject.
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  • Ulster dog
  • Maverick dog
  • two bijon dogs
  • two labradors
  • Sallys dog
  • wolfhound
Ulster dog

Traditionally, a portrait subject does not look at the viewer (camera) and that is what set the original photo for this painting apart from the average. The end result is really nice. When choosing a photo for me to paint, or taking a new one for the purpose, try out this technique: one sausage about three feet left and just above the camera level, and snap!

Here is what the owner said after he received the painting:

“We received the paintings last night and they are truly beautiful.  They are even better on canvas which we did not think was possible.  I have to thank you for the work you put in and the efficiency of delivering the paintings to us.”

I do try to please everyone.

Marley and Maverick

Every time I look at this pair I am reminded of the 1930’s, somewhere near downtown Chicago. Is that a machine gun he’s got under the blanket? What a pair!

The one on the right is named Maverick; I don’t think I’d win at a game of poker with him.

In real life they are just a pair of softies.

Maverick The dog

Here is Maverick, in his gambling den ready to take every penny you have got.

Looks really innocent. Perhaps he is?

The background was an artistic version of the actual photograph.

Two Bijon dogs

I’m not a ‘fluffy’ dog person by nature but you have to like this pair of Bijons.

For a painting they suited being left in their original background, which was simplified to keep attention on the dogs.

Two Labradors

These two Labradors were placed together from two different photographs. No difficulty with that.

Backgrounds can be anything you like as explained in the Irish Wolfhound painting.

Sallys dog Looking straight into the camera can also work as in this particularly engaging example.

This is not so much a painting of a dog but a painting with a dog in it.

He really is big.

The painting was made from four photographs. Being an Irish Wolfhound, I wanted to place him in an ‘Irish’ setting. (In reality, he was in a backyard near Poole in Dorset somewhat bored at being photographed).

The person was made up in turn, from two photos. Anything is possible. It may cost a little extra to arrange something as elaborate as this example.

Just send an e-mail if you have an idea.