Digital paintings from your photos by Michael Storey


How to order a painting.

First, how much will it cost? There is a flat fee of £55.00 to 'paint' or create the digital file for and including one painting. Once we have the digital file there is very little work left to do to create and order a further range of items so it is very economical to order extra cards etc.

What you get.  The £55.00 includes one painting printed on canvas, 20 inch x 16 inch finished size mounted on stretcher bars with cord ready to hang. The canvas is wrapped around the edges so there is no need for further framing unless desired. See  Workshop Tour  for pictures. If a smaller painting is required it is the same cost for the first one. Additional copies are £25.00. Additional greeting cards are £1.10 each extra with no minimum orders. A3 size posters on heavy white card are £3.00 each, no minimum requirements. For combinations of cards, extra prints of paintings etc please see the package specials page. We can also e-mail you the digital file for your own use. Stores such as Tesco offer a large range of products (coffee mugs, key rings, bags etc) that are economical once you have the correct image file. See other services

What we need. Since we are creating an independent painting and not manipulating photographs the quality of the photograph is not so important. Having said that, the sharper and larger the photo the better. I do have to be able to see how 'white' the whites of their eyes are. Fine detail is a great help.

Ist step.  E-mail or send an image on a disc by mail, then we can discuss the options. The e-mail size should be as near to the full size file as possible. Small file size typical e-mail photos make life a little harder. What we want are those annoying photos that take forever to download because the sender did not know how to cut the file size down. The background is immaterial as you can see from the sample paintings. That gets changed as necessary.

Next step.  I rough out the painting and e-mail a copy to show you the direction it is going. Should further adjustments be necessary you can view the process along the way via e-mail. On approval the painting will be finished, printed, (paid for) and mailed to you.

Pay Pall is our preferred method of payment. Contact us for other ways of paying.

Contact us for any questions.

Have a look through our digital magazine from our Sporting Dog Art site on the procedure of organising a good photo for painting and general information. A magazine for 'everyday' animals is on its way soon.

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